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Ear Pro is an all-natural preventative solution to fight water-related ear problems by repelling water and protecting the ear from exposure to water-borne diseases. Composed of a blend of unique oils that are known for their anti-infective properties, EarPro has been proven in clinical studies to target the exact bugs that cause over 80% of ear infections.

USA Artistic Swimming Teams up with ear pro

This partnership was created because Ear Pro came to us with an athletes first philosophy that directly aligns with our top priority. Ear Pro is an all-natural product that nearly eliminates swimmer’s ear and repels water from the ear at all times. It is simple to use and will make every athlete’s life better. Every swimmer that has tried has the same response, “It really works!” Give it a try, it will make every training day better.“ Adam Andrasko, CEO USAAS

Frequently Asked Questions


What is trapped water?

Trapped water is a common issue where water sticks in your ear canal especially when you spend time in water. Trapped water typically causes a plugged-up sensation and makes sounds appear muffled. Many people suffer from ear pain, tinnitus as well as loss of coordination and balance. If left untreated, there is a risk of developing Swimmer’s Ear, Surfer’s Ear or other issues that over time, will likely result in hearing loss.


How does Ear Pro work?

Ear Pro’s main ingredient coats the ear canal with a highly water-repellent layer, waterproofing the skin lining and preventing water from “sticking” or trapping in the ear. This limits direct skin exposure to water and any contaminants or microorganisms contained in the water, helping to prevent ear infections and Swimmer’s Ear.
The water-repellent barrier prevents entrapment of water, reducing the risk of developing Surfer’s Ear and it contains oregano oil whose natural antimicrobial properties target any bacteria and fungi that can cause ear infections.
Ear Pro is highly effective and helps people of all ages enjoy the water without fear of ear issues.


Why is trapped water dangerous?

Trapped water is not a life-threatening condition but it can lead to outer ear infections, severe pain, a doctor’s visit and having to take antibiotics. If trapped water is not removed from your ear, you are at a greater risk of permanent hearing issues and ear damage. In the worst scenario, you may end up with an infection known as Swimmer’s Ear which can lead to deep tissue infections (cellulitis), bone and cartilage damage or necrotizing otitis externa. You should, therefore, take actions to avoid trapped water.


Why is Ear Pro different from other products?

Ear Pro is used before going into water and includes natural anti-infective properties that coat the outer ear canal with a highly water-repellent layer.
Most products on the market are used after being in the water. They are based on alcohol, acetic acid, glycerin and other drying agents – extremely harsh substances for the delicate skin of the ear canal that can destroy natural bacteria and the flora needed for healthy ears.

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